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  • Call the Pinnacle Office

       (856) 939-6880





Pinnacle employment opportunities are consistently updated as positions become available. Employment opportuntities are available by calling the Pinnacle office and speak to our Recruiter.


Every applicant is to complete an application, provide references, and participate in an interview. All newly hired employees must complete the "Post-Hire Orientation Process."

Post-Hire Orientation Process

• Completing post-hire paperwork.
• Reviewing Company Policies and Procedures.
• Reviewing Right To Know Information, including how to read Safety Data Sheets.
• Reviewing All Chemicals and their Usage.
• Receiving OSHA Compliance Booklet.
• Reviewing Cleaning Task Schedule.
• Reviewing Sample Communication Logbook.
• Viewing Video Training Materials.
• Having Photograph Taken for ID Badge.
• Reviewing any Questions or Concerns.
• Signing all Training and Safety Agreements.
• Completing Release Form for Criminal Background Check

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